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Photos & Videos
No Canada fishing trip is complete without pictures! Below is a selection of video clips and photos shot on location at and around Blackfish Lodge. All photos and videos are copyrighted 2003 and 2004 by their respective authors. Reproduction or re-distribution of any image on this website is strictly prohibited under federal laws.

Please note: After clicking on a thumbnail, below, a new window will open and the video will begin downloading. The video will not play until it has completely downloaded, so please be patient. If you have a slower connection this could take 5-10 minutes, but once it has finished, you will be able to view the video clip without interruption. The file sizes are about 1.0-1.7 MB.

Saltwater Fishing Video
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Fly Fishing Video
(1.5 MB)

Spincasting Video
(1.7 MB)

Lodge Tour Video
(1.2 MB)

Wildlife Video
(1.2 MB)

Non-fishing Activities Video
(1.4 MB)

Below is a selection of still photos typical of what you may experience on your fishing trip. Click on any thumbnail to see the bigger version and view the caption. Incidentally, you can do this with any image on this site.



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